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The role of black masterbatch in plastic shade nets

  Shading net,also known as shading net,is a new type of protective covering material for agriculture,fishery,animal husbandry,windproof and cover soil that has been promoted in the past 10 years.After the summer cover,it plays a role of blocking light,preventing rain,moisturizing and cooling.There is a certain degree of heat preservation and humidification after winter and spring coverage.The sunshade net is made of polyethylene(HDPE),high-density polyethylene,PE,PB,PVC,recycled materials,new materials,poly-ethylene-propylene,etc.,which are UV-stabilized and anti-oxidation treatment,and have strong tensile strength and light weight.Features.

  In order to make high-quality sunshade nets,plastic raw materials alone are not acceptable,because there are many special requirements for sunshade nets,such as:aging resistance,corrosion resistance,radiation resistance,and other characteristics.Therefore,the shading net must take into account the characteristics required to use the additive to complete the shading net.Usually,the manufacturer chooses black masterbatch,which is used for coloring.At the same time,the black masterbatch also has the effects of aging resistance,corrosion resistance and radiation resistance.When configuring the sunshade formula,only about 30%of the black masterbatch can be added.Complete a high quality shade net.

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