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Talking about which region's masterbatch is good


      The masterbatch technology originated from abroad and was developed as a plastic in the 1960s.The masterbatch consists mainly of colorants,carriers and dispersants.In recent years,domestically imported masterbatches have been compared with previous years.Less,the main reason is that domestic enterprises have begun to slowly develop and produce their own masterbatch products.There are 330 enterprises producing masterbatch in China.These masterbatch production plants are mainly distributed in Fujian,Guangdong,Shandong and Zhejiang.,Jiangsu,Shanghai,Liaoning,Tianjin,Beijing,Hebei and other provinces and cities.So which region's masterbatch quality will be better?

  In fact,the quality of this masterbatch is still easy to see.As the saying goes,there is progress in where there is competition.The Guangdong Province has become one of the best manufacturing bases in China,and large and small enterprises at home and abroad are gathered here.In the past few years,many color masterbatch factories have been dumped in various regions due to the financial crisis.The factory that can persist until now is estimated to be inseparable from these factors.Either the company has a large amount of capital,or the enterprise customer is very stable.The stability of the customer is also true enough.The quality of an enterprise product is good.Of course,there must be his problems.Where,like the poor quality of products,small businesses,and so on.

  The main factors concerning the quality of the local masterbatch factory are:personnel,technology,equipment,production management,and other issues.For example,small factories,because the funds are small,the environment is generally relatively simple,the equipment is old,it is difficult to get professional color masterbatch technicians,including the production steps,the management may be loose,not rigorous,resulting in quality problems..Most of the masterbatch manufacturers are in Guangdong Province.Because of the good location,large scale of enterprises,new equipment,standardized production management,and a large number of foreign personnel,it is easy to recruit technical professionals,and of course the earliest domestic Color masterbatch research and development base,technical experience is bound to have advantages over other regions.

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