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Which is more advantageous than using foreign masterbatch and domestic masterbatch


    Masterbatch introduction:

  Masterbatch consists of a high proportion of pigments or additives and thermoplastic resins,a well-dispersed plastic colorant.The selected resin has good wetting and dispersing effect on the colorant and is compatible with the coloring material.Sex.Namely:Pigment+Carrier+Additive=Masterbatch.

  Masterbatch is a plastic developed in the 1960s and developed by foreign countries.According to relevant information,the average annual demand growth rate of masterbatch in other countries in Asia is about 7%-9%.China's annual demand growth rate of masterbatch is about 20%.From the beginning of the domestic masterbatch enterprises to introduce foreign technology for generation of production,so far,a number of masterbatch companies have independently developed their own new products.For example,"antistatic color anti-oxidation masterbatch,anti-aging color masterbatch and many other varieties",then foreign masterbatch and domestic masterbatch which is more advantageous?

  1.Price advantage:It is well known that the price of foreign masterbatch is several times higher than that of domestic ones,and the use of foreign masterbatch import customs declaration fee,freight,and other expenses have increased greatly.For corporate profits,it is certainly not much.Can earn.

  2,product advantages:First,because there are fewer varieties of foreign masterbatch,some products with special requirements are not produced or less,then there is absolutely no problem for domestic masterbatch enterprises in this aspect,such as Dongguan Jinzhen Plastic Co., a company specializing in:“Black Masterbatch R&D and Production”Since 2004,the company has been developing these products:“antistatic,anti-aging,anti-oxidation,anti-ultraviolet,food-friendly Masterbatch products can meet all special needs of the market.

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