Dongguan Jinzhen Plastic (Masterbatch) Co., Ltd,

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Jinzhen color master was selected as the masterbatch industry by the South China City Network (enterprise benchmark)

  In 2013,South China City Network held the first election campaign“I am a benchmark enterprise”.The activity requirements:“The company's products are of good quality,complete in categories,adequate in stock,reasonable in price,and an e-commerce enterprise that emphasizes business reputation.At the same time,you In addition,you can successfully fulfill the requirements of the event selection during the event,then you have the opportunity to become our“standards company”and you can act as a“standards company.”Event time:July 23,2013(9:30)-2013 July 31(17:00)

  In this activity,more than 2,000 companies competed for 20 companies to compete.The enterprises are not limited to industries from all walks of life.In the event,Jinzhen Plastic Color Masterbatch Co.,Ltd.:quality products,market reputation The strength of the enterprise and the strength of the network team completed the event in the first time and met the requirements of the event.After the event,the results were carefully selected by the South China City Network:Jinzhen Plastic Masterbatch Co.,Ltd.was awarded(I am the benchmark of the company).Earn rewards:the industry station home page advertising space,industry station home page advertising space,text link business circle topic display and other advertising sponsorship.And become the South China City Network(star shop).

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