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Jinzhen color masterbatch research and development to achieve the color motherhood Chinese dream

  Masterbatch is a new coloring product for plastics and fibers developed in the 1960s.It is a composite of polymers prepared by uniformly loading pigments into a resin.The main group of masterbatch is a colorant,a carrier and a dispersant.

  According to relevant information,the average annual demand growth rate of masterbatch in other countries in Asia is about 7%-9%.The average annual demand growth rate of masterbatch in China is about 20%.Many domestic masterbatch products are mainly Relying on imports,China has become the largest producer and consumer of the masterbatch market in Asia as demand has grown faster.By 2001,there were 330 companies producing masterbatches in China.Enterprises with an annual production capacity of more than 1,000 tons can be called the pillar of the development of China's masterbatch industry.Today's Dongguan Jinzhen Plastic Co.,Ltd.(金振色母)has more than 4,000 tons of color masterbatch per month,only from With this figure,we can see the extraordinary strength of Jinzhen Plastics Co.,Ltd.,a masterbatch industry giant.In today's industry,for Jinzhen Plastics Co.,Ltd.,as a Chinese color master,it is still far from enough.Jinzhen Color Master is aiming to become the world famous color master brand enterprise and plastic additive brand in the 21st century.Therefore,it has received in-depth cooperation from domestic multimedia portals and well-known brands of Samsung mobile phone manufacturers.

  At the beginning of Jinzhen Plastics Co.,Ltd.:mainly to produce domestic,high and medium-end black masterbatch products,the company has encountered numerous difficulties in the development of these years,but they have all been overcome by the Jinzhen color master enterprise team.Because every member of the Jinzheng Master Enterprise team has the team spirit of“integrity,focus,collaboration,service”.It is always the fastest way to find the key to solving the problem,and quickly solve even the complicated affairs that are entangled in a mess.Therefore,Jinzhen Plastic Co.,Ltd.has grown rapidly.

  In November 2004,Clariant Masterbatch,the world's largest supplier of color masterbatch and functional masterbatch,established the third production base in China in Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Park;in September 2005,the world's largest polymer supply company The Shenzhen part of POLYONE has undergone a large-scale expansion,adding seven production lines to produce masterbatch.In 2005,the US RTP company opened a factory in Suzhou Industrial Park,China...Many large foreign-funded enterprises are aiming at the rapid development of China's plastics industry.Hot soil.In the face of the pressure of these powerful opponents,Jinzhen Plastics Co.,Ltd.did not retreat in the slightest.Instead,it aligned with the world famous brands and invested more energy and funds to develop its own products.

  Now the Jinzhen color master enterprise team still adheres to the corporate team spirit of integrity,focus,collaboration and service,catching up with and surpassing the world-class enterprises.This goal is inevitable in the Jinzhen color master enterprise team.Today's Jinzhen Plastics Co.,Ltd.has become a giant in the masterbatch industry,the first black parent in China,and entered the foreign color masterbatch market with the“Golden Color Masterbatch”.Jinzhen Plastics Co.,Ltd.has firmly Grasping the right to speak in China's black parent industry,the“Golden Color Masterbatch Brand”black mother has also become a“golden signboard”in the color masterbatch industry,which has won the favor of many domestic and foreign companies.

  Jinzhen Color Master Enterprise Team has built Jinzhen Plastic Co.,Ltd.into a manufacturer engaged in the research,development,production and sales of plastic black masterbatch.It specializes in producing Jinzhen series:“BK2014A,7098,8018,”special series:Pc-specific,PS-specific,ABS-specific,"function series:"anti-oxidation,anti-aging,anti-static,anti-ultraviolet,"calcium-free color masterbatch series."Golden color masterbatch brand"Black mother has non-toxic environmental protection,high heat resistance,good migration resistance,high stability,low heavy metal content,good dispersion,high gloss,strong tinting strength,good compatibility,fast and convenient use,Environmentally friendly and other characteristics are recognized by the market as high quality products.These products are widely used in PE,PP,TPR,HIPS,AS,ABS,PC,PVC,ABS alloy,PA nylon and other engineering plastics,blown film,injection molding,pumping,drawing,sheet,shoe processing and other fields,benefiting Many industries and enterprises Jinzhen Plastics Co.,Ltd.has become the most valuable company in the same industry at home and abroad with technological innovation,fine processing,stable quality,customer-created value,professionalization,branding and standardization.Let everyone know Chinese people.Have their own high-end technology,let everyone see the confidence of national brands,reach the foreign well-known Kabo characteristics of the mother standard and surpass,at domestic prices,so that customers can buy high-quality color masterbatch products without importing,so that the cost of partners is reduced,Ultimately,their products are more advantageous in the market.

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